Vision and Values


America is a country where people can thrive because there is equitable access to resources and opportunities whether economic, social, and/or environmental, which are necessary to attain the highest quality of live.


The Achieving Equity Initiative will engage all levels of community to ensure systems, structures, policies and practices create and sustain   equitable opportunities for all.

Achieving Equity Initiative Core Values:  Supporting healthy and equitable policies and practice.

 The Achieving Equity Initiative team has developed a set of principles to guide our community in creating equitable access to resources and opportunities for all.

  1.  Collective Impact – Develop a common agenda and shared vision for change that coordinates stakeholders across sectors, aligns priorities and actions, mobilizes resources, and measures improvement.
  2. Equity – Adoption of policies and practices that ensure no one is advantaged or disadvantaged because of ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion, or socio-economic position.
  3. Place Making – Recognizing that “neighborhood or community” is the context in which health and well-being begins. Systems, institutions and community members must work collectively to create optimal “neighborhood conditions” and create the context which enables people to thrive.
  4. Policy and Advocacy – Subscribe to the principle of “health and equity in all policies” and actively advocate for policies that engender (health) equity, racial and ethnic inclusion and cultural competency outcomes within systems, institutions, communities and neighborhoods to improve economic, health and social conditions for all community members.
  5. Promoting Community Member Capacity Building and Inclusion – Draw upon community member’s capacity to identify and solve issues in their environments and intentionally support opportunities for community members and other groups to lead efforts that create strong and vibrant communities.

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